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    Hey guys,

    maybe some of you remember the old arcade classic Phoenix from 1980. The space shoot 'em up by Amstar Electronics.
    My dad loved the game when he was young but he couldn't find a playable version online that felt like the original and had that "retro-flair", how he called it.

    So I developed a remake of the game as christmas gift for him. With the goal, of feeling as much as an original 80's game as possible . He really enjoyed it and some of his friends asked me if I could send them a copy too.
    So many people asked me by now, that I decided to provide a version anyone on the internet could download.
    The game will be available in ~6 days, time I will take to further improve the balancing and gameplay in general with the help of my dad, as he still remembers how the game felt back then.

    The reason, why I'm writing, is that I'm looking for ~10 other people that could playtest the game before release and give me any kind of feedback.
    If you want to help, please contact me via DM or Email (

    The game will be available (for free) here:

    Thanks for all kind of support :)