WinUAE 2.0.0

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    • WinUAE 2.0.0 (13.12.2009)

      Main new features:

      - Huge A500 cycle exact mode compatibility improvement.
      - Improved unexpanded A1200/CD32 emulation compatibility.
      Approximate cycle-exact 68EC020/68020 emulation implemented, includes
      emulated 68020 instruction cache, approximate prefetch emulation.
      - 68040 MMU emulation (from Aranym) For example Enforcer and M68K Linux
      compatibility. Not compatible with JIT.
      - A2065 Zorro II hardware ethernet card emulation.

      Other updates:

      - CD32 drive emulation compatibility improved, includes animation CD
      - Old game protection dongles emulated (Leaderboard, Robocop3, etc..)
      - Built-in Vista/Windows 7 WASAPI sound API support.
      - Real harddrive safetycheck only complains if drive is mounted
      read-write and has mounted Windows partitions.
      - Full NTSC timing implemented (long/short line toggle etc..)
      - "AutoVSync" mode that change native refresh rates automatically.
      - Basic CPU frequency/bus multiplier configuration option added.
      - Gayle IDE emulation compatibility improved.
      - Single sided PC/Atari ST disk images supported.
      - AVI and wave sound recording improved.
      - File paths support http, https and ftp protocols.
      - Automatic split DMS support.
      - File dialog file type setting is stored to registry/ini.
      - Display width is not anymore restricted to values divisible by eight.
      - Bsdsocket emulation MSG_WAITALL implemented, CVS compatibility fix.
      - Uaescsi.device TD_REMOVE implemented.
      - DMA cycle debugger implemented.
      - RTG screen mode on-screen leds.
      - "Add PC drives at startup" does not mount drives that are also
      configured as real harddrives.

      Bugs fixed:

      - Programmed refresh (non-PAL or NTSC) rate modes had bad sound.
      - Right border background color error in some programs.
      - On the fly USB input device insert changed unrelated keyboard layout
      - Non-DMA mode sprites work again (broke long time ago)
      - 5.1 sound mode had wrong center and sub mixing ratio.
      - CD32 pad default mapping green and yellow, RDW and FFW reversed.
      - Uaescsi.device TD_GETGEOMETRY off by one error and no media status fixed.
      - Directory filesystem ACTION_FH_FROM_LOCK notification bug fixed.
      - Some types of serial ports were not detected.
      - Randomly appearing single jumping black scanline finally fixed.
      - Command line quote parsing was not compatible.
      - Mouse didn't capture properly in mouse driver (tablet) mode.
      - Directory harddrive duplication was possible in configuration file if
      path included national characters.

      and much more than ever before..