MAME 0.133u5

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    • 0.133u5

      MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
      - 03240: [Crash/Freeze] topracra: Error Message: devcb_resolve_read8:
      unable to find input port 'IN0L' (couriersud)
      - 03426: [Sound] wtennis: Missing ball sound (Tafoid)
      - 03422: [Graphics] porter: Missing in-game graphics (Tafoid)
      - 03421: [Crash/Freeze] samuraia, sngkace: Access Violation (hap)
      - 03420: [Crash/Freeze] espial, espialu, netwars: Access Violation
      - 03416: [Crash/Freeze] bradley: Exits with DISCRETE_ADJUSTMENT_TAG -
      NODE_88 has invalid tag. (couriersud)
      - 03418: [Crash/Freeze] dday, ddayc: Access Violation after coin
      insertion (M.A.S.H.)
      - 03025: [Sound] bzone, bzone2, bzonec: inaccurate sound effects
      - 03413: [Compiling] 64-bit compiler warnigs (Aaron Giles)
      - 03391: [Misc.] popn2 & bmclubmx: CHD version is V3 for the two new
      added sets (hap)
      - 03073: [Sound] scorpion, scorpiona, scorpionb: Sound Missing
      - 03075: [Sound] explorer: Sound Missing (couriersud)

      Source Changes
      Discrete sound updates: [couriersud]
      - Fix comments for DISCRETE_TRANSFORM
      - FatalError if formula is bad
      - Fixed two bugs in DISCRETE_RCDISC3
      - Fix some ugly bugs around DISCRETE_FILTER_SW:
      - No more iterations
      - The CD4066 internal resistance largely determines sound
      amplitude. This may vary significantly depending on VCC and
      type (74HC, 74HCV, CD4066, ...). The current choice makes
      scramble sound "about right".
      - Added some profiling code for discrete tasks
      - Added DISCRETE_INPUT_BUFFER to use a stream to buffer an input
      node. For input nodes with a lot of writes this prevents a
      stream_update on the whole discrete module which is very
      ineffective. Instead, the data is buffered and the discrete
      emulation can process a lot of samples in one go later.
      - Added disc_syc.c as a container for core modules (output, task)
      - Discrete wav and csv logs now are treated as nodes
      - Added DISCRETE_START and DISCRETE_STOP functions to be called at
      device start/stop
      - As a side effect, profiling measures log overhead as well
      - DSO_TASK_END now builds it's own dependence list.
      - now simply DSO_TASK_END() ends a task
      - added node parameter to RC_(DIS)CHARGE_EXP
      - added const where appropriate
      - removed some dead code

      Color bprom verified correct Royal Card Pro v2. [Brian Troha]

      De-globalified sound.c and input.c. [Atari Ace]

      Improvements to Noraut Poker driver.... [Roberto Fresca]
      * Corrected CPU clock to Xtal/8.
      * Discovered 3 new I/O lines coming from PPI-2, PC0-PC2. They are
      mixed with the handshake ones.
      * Added the READOUT button to noraut12 games.
      * Splitted the main machine driver to cover 2 different Noraut
      * Added partial support for PPI-2, PC0-PC2 output lines on noraut11
      * Figured out other remaining I/O lines.
      * Added new handlers to simulate the handshake lines. Still need
      real support through PPI-2.
      * Updated technical notes.
      * Rerouted norautp and norautjp READOUT button to its own place.
      * Routed the whole video RAM access through PPI-2.
      (bypassed the handshake lines for now).
      * Merged back the noraut machine drivers after the 3rd PPI connection.
      * Added Low Level Hopper manual input.
      * Added a new machine driver for extended hardware.
      It has 2 jumpers that cut the a14 and a15 addressing lines.

      Fixed i386 carry/borrow flag in ADC/SBB [Gabriele Gorla]

      Fixes to the PIC16C5x CPU core: [Quench]
      - Indirect addressing was not taking into account special purpose
      memory mapped locations.
      - 'iorlw' instruction was saving the result to memory instead of
      the W register.
      - 'tris' instruction no longer modifies Port-C on PIC models that do
      not have Port-C implemented.

      Added difficulty DIP to BigTwin. [Quench]

      Battery backed 2KB RAM, fixing the default high-scores in speedbal.
      [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

      Shogun Warriors - various fixes:
      - Extracted tables required for Shogun Warriors to work
      [Tomasz Slanina]
      - Decrypted + verified table data for Shogun Warriors [David Haywood]
      - Marked 2 graphic roms in Shogun Warriors as BAD_DUMP [David Haywood]
      - Temporarily added a hack to the collision function to only use the
      B.Rap Boys code if the game is B.Rap Boys until we have a single
      function that works with both [David Haywood]

      SuperFX updates [Anonymous]
      - Fixed disassembly of LMULT/FMULT ops
      - Fixed reads using LDW/LDB
      - Fixed writes using STW/STB
      - Fixed SBC carry behavior
      - Fixed GETC ROM access behavior
      - Some SuperFX games begin to show things in MESS
      - At least partly fixed PLOT and RPIX behavior. This fixes many gfxs
      in Star Fox and Vortex, but no polys yet.

      Simplified kaneko16 decryption functions by working out what each of
      the bits does and removing game specific references. Re-based the
      decryption tables as a result. End result is verified to be the same.
      [David Haywood]

      Added redumped u6 GFX rom to kaneko16, fixes Geisya and Sumo [Guru]

      Fix circus charly slowdowns: [couriersud]
      - use SOUND_DAC device to "buffer" data and avoid 1 sample updates
      for discrete part
      - this is related to "03401: circusc and clones: Slowdown in
      attract mode with DIP SW "Demo Sounds=ON"" though I do not
      consider it a bug, but a implementation optimization.

      Fixed sound banking for Shogun Warriors [David Haywood]

      Added different TOD implementation for CIA6526 and CIA8520. [robiza]

      Fixed a small bug with kaneko16 graphic decoding and removed old
      comment about bad sound banking. [David Haywood]

      SuperFX updates: [Harmony]
      - Inlined a number of functions for possible speed increase
      - Removed some memory buffering cruft, to be re-added later
      - Fixed behavior of ASR opcode
      - With additional MESS-side changes, Stunt Race FX is playable, and
      Vortex shows much more.
      - Hooked up RAM and ROM buffering
      - Inlined several more functions
      - Removed debug spew
      - Added the ability to define an external IRQ line callback, and
      hooked it up to the 65C816
      - Fixed flag calculation for HIB opcode
      - Hooked SuperFX chip up to the SNES machine driver
      - Fixed carry handling in ADC, ADCI, SBC and SBCI opcodes. Fixes many
      SNES SuperFX bugs.

      Added some basic cheat search functionality to the debugger, allowing
      searches on various memory sizes. [Sandro Ronco]

      Added 'Reload All' option to the cheat menu. [Pugsy]

      Enabled display of cheat comments from within the cheat menu. Press
      the SPACE key to toggle display. [Pugsy]

      Tweaked the shadows in twin16 to be slightly darker. [hap]

      Added new function mame_fclose_and_open_next() which will close a
      file and then keep searching the searchpath for the next valid file.
      Did some internal rearranging in fileio.c to make this work.
      [Aaron Giles]

      Changed cheat search so that it loads *all* cheat files in all search
      paths. Note that it is easy to end up with duplicate entries this way.
      Some currently disabled code is present which filters out duplicates,
      but the logic for doing this is quite unclear with the presence of
      text-only cheats, which is why the code is disabled for now.
      [Aaron Giles]

      M377xx: fix CLB/SEB when not in bank 0. [R. Belmont]

      Fixed numerous opcodes in the AVR8 core [Harmony]

      Enabled alternate register naming in the MIPS core [Harmony]

      Add loopback mode and counter/timer modes 3 and 6 to 68681 DUART,
      self-tests now pass in dectalk in MESS. [Lord Nightmare]

      SNES updates: [R. Belmont, Harmony]
      - Corrected ROM loading behavior for SuperFX games
      - Added more ROM mirroring needed by certain SuperFX 2 games
      - Corrected the behavior of certain bit-restricted SuperFX registers.
      Doom, Yoshi's Island, Dirt Trax FX and Voxel Demo show things now.
      - Improved S-DD1 emulation, neither game using S-DD1 boots yet

      Added preliminary Zilog Z8 CPU core for MESS. [Curt Coder]

      Cleaned up drivers that write files which are not being actively
      developed. Also, commented our or changed the printf-ing of some
      messages to LOGERROR. [Tafoid]

      Made numerous corrections to SNES S-DD1 chip emulation, SFA2 and
      Star Ocean still do not boot [Harmony]

      Golden Poker driver... [Roberto Fresca]
      * Added 2 new Witch Card sets.
      * Reworked inputs for Witch Card (german set 1).
      * Created new inputs for Witch Card (english, witch game, lamps).
      * Added and connected lamps for both sets.
      * Added minimal bet and 50/60 Hz. switches to both sets.
      * Added DIP switches info for Witch Card (german, set 2).

      Added missing rom to a GEI Poker set [Team Europe, Dumping Union]

      Naomi/Atomiswave video hardware update: [David Haywood]

      Basically the region array is processed, and the data from the
      accumulation buffer where we render is now copied into the
      framebuffer depending on the tiles specified in the tile list.
      This isn't full 'tile-based rendering' as that would require more
      work on the preprocessing side, and writing out the data pointers
      and data in real formats, however it's a step in the right direction

      Currently only 565 formats are supported for both framebuffer write
      and framebuffer read. The accumulation buffer is alwys 8888, data
      is converted down to the specified format. The real accumulation
      buffer is 32x32 and filled per tile, ours is still full screen.

      The video update now just displays the framebuffer using the
      framebuffer read parameters specified (again only 565 is currently
      supported) This allows the Atomiswave bios screens and the
      rendered output to co-exist.

      Added proms to scherrym [Team Europe]

      Jaguar updates: [Robbbert]
      - Added RGB 24-bit pixels (for Iron Soldier)
      - Added depth 0 and 1 to scaled bitmaps (for Val Disere Skiing)
      - Preliminary work on PIT support

      Got vandykeb up and running. [iq_132]

      Added verbose debug logging for the little robin 'vdp' writes in
      preparation for looking at it further. [David Haywood]

      Improved the connect4 layout. [AGEMAME]

      Fixed the plane order in the gfx deodes for Black Touch '96 sprites,
      and Poke Champ sprites. [David Haywood]

      Improveed the sprite emulation in Black Touch '96 (still wrong tho).
      [David Haywood]

      Fixed LOOP instructions in 16-bit mode in the i386 core.
      [Gabriele Gorla]

      Added various notes + checksums for Chihiro board.
      [Alex's Rom Dumping Project, Mr Mudkips, Philip Burke]

      Fixed stupid unidasm bug that double-counted bytes. [Aaron Giles]

      Major Naomi/Atomiswave update:
      - Emulated Atomiswave coin slots and standard Dreamcast controller.
      Non-lightgun games without other problems are now playable.
      [R. Belmont]
      - Added protection data to Moero Justice Gakuen, Heavy Metal
      Geomatrix, WWF Royal Rumble, Gigawing 2, Toy Fighter, and Guilty
      Gear X (all are now playable but still marked GAME_NOT_WORKING
      due to general Naomi concerns).
      [R. Belmont, Guru, Deunan Knute, Cah4e3]
      - Completed partial dumps: Derby Owners Club II, Slashout, WWF
      Royal Rumble, Gigawing 2, Moero Justice Gakuen, Wild Riders,
      Virtua Fighter 4 (cartridge) [Guru]

      Rename osd_profiling_ticks() to get_profile_ticks(). Moved
      implemention into inline functions in eminline.h and the ei*
      functions. [couriersud, Aaron Giles]

      Added 'options' parameter to the CPU_DISASSEMBLE prototype. For now,
      the debugger always passes 0 for this. unidasm has been updated to
      accept a mode parameter, which is passed for the options.
      [Aaron Giles]

      Added PORT_CROSSHAIR_MAPPER() allowing you to specify an alternate,
      non-linear mapping function from the raw crosshair value to its
      position onscreen. [Aaron Giles]

      New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
      Shogun Warriors / Fujiyama Buster
      [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina, Luca Elia]
      Cal Omega - Game 7.4 (Gaming Poker, W.Export)
      [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
      Kero Kero Keroppi no Issyoni Asobou [Team Japump!!!, Hau]
      Dolphin Blue [R. Belmont, Guru]
      The Rumble Fish [R. Belmont, Guru]
      Knights of Valour: The Seven Spirits [R. Belmont, Guru]

      New clones added
      Karate Champ (US, VS version set 2) [Siftware]
      Strong X (Strategy X bootleg) [Siftware]
      Mortal Kombat (Turbo 3.1 09/09/93, hack)
      [Jonathan Hughes, Patrick McCarron]
      Narc (Rev 2.0) [Volker Hann, Team Europe]
      Witch Card (english, witch game, lamps) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
      Master Ninja (bootleg of Ninja Gaiden) [f205v, David Haywood]

      New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
      Mr. Driller 2 (DR22 Ver.A) [Guru]
      The House of the Dead 2 [Guru]
      Super Major League '99 [Guru]
      Gun Survivor 2: Bio Hazard Code Veronica [Guru]
      Club Kart: European Session [Guru]
      The King of Fighters Neowave [R. Belmont, Guru]
      Neo Geo Battle Coliseum [R. Belmont, Guru]