MAME 0.108u1

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    • MAME 0.108u1


      1. 0.108u1
      2. -------
      3. MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
      4. ----------------------
      5. mbrush067gre [robiza]
      6. bonzeadv0107u4red [robiza]
      7. Source Changes
      8. --------------
      9. Fixed some DIP switches in bigrun and wildplt, and changed UK region
      10. to Europe in f1gpstar and f1gpstr2. [Sonikos]
      11. TIA-MC1 improvements: [Eugene Sandulenko]
      12. - More documentation
      13. - fixed inputs
      14. - fixed video framerate and VSYNC delay
      15. - adjusted CPU freq according to documentation
      16. - removed hack with off-board video RAM
      17. - implemented sound
      18. - added NO_DUMP PROMs
      19. Improved documentation in the asteroids and tempest drivers.
      20. [Brian Troha]
      21. Improved DIP switches and documentation in the Championship Bowling
      22. driver. [Brian Troha]
      23. Major cleanup/rewrite of the NES PPU rendering code. [Brad Oliver]
      24. Fixed protection in the world version of Virtua Bowling. [Brian Troha]
      25. Fixed collision detection in Halley's Comet '87. [Brian Troha]
      26. Added missing DIP switch to Hangman driver. [Wolfi]
      27. Added a callback to the 68000 emulator for the TAS instruction,
      28. which allows different implementations based on external hardware.
      29. [David Haywood]
      30. Namco System 22 update: [R. Belmont]
      31. - Fixed ROM loading problems reported by Guru
      32. - Hooked up Prop Cycle fan and lamp to the new output system
      33. Added new flag: VIDEO_ALWAYS_UPDATE, which causes the VIDEO_UPDATE
      34. callback to be called even on skipped frames. This should be used
      35. for games where the process of rendering has side effects such as
      36. collision detection that need to always be present. [Aaron Giles]
      37. Fixed the new scanline timing functions to compute things
      38. correctly and without using unnecessary timers. [Aaron Giles]
      39. Fixed inputs in the Sega G80 vector games which were broken in the
      40. last release cycle. [Aaron Giles]
      41. Began cleanup/rewrite of the Turbo driver: [Aaron Giles]
      42. - proper video timings
      43. - full memory map
      44. - cleanup/simplification of the video code with better documentation
      45. - some things are still broken, this is a WIP
      46. New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
      47. ---------------------------------------------------
      48. Space Bugger (set 2) [Tomasz Slanina]
      49. Reaktor (Track & Field Conversion) [Col Turner]
      50. New clones added
      51. ----------------
      52. Ninja Ryukenden (Japan, set 2) [Patrik Styrnell]
      53. Silent Dragon (US) [Patrik Styrnell]
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