ZSNES July 10th WIP

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    • ZSNES July 10th WIP

      Der SNES Emulator ZSNES ist wieder ne Work in Progress Version weiter...


      News: ZSNES July 10 WIP is now available!

      Whats New:

      * ALL: ST second cart now supported (via command line). [Nach]
      * ALL: Converted data config file to text, added new parser stuff. Should no longer need to delete config files all the time. [Nach]
      * ALL: Pause emu key defaulted to 'P' [grinvader]
      * ALL: Fixed some bugs in the Video code. Fixes CT Black Omen bug and perhaps others. [Nach]
      * ALL: Moved all code into executable segments so ZSNES should now work on processors that use NX bit and OS that enforce it. [Nach]
      * ALL: SPC700 init to ffc0 [byuu]
      * ALL: Video code is much smarter at detecting when a window is present and when is not - Earthbound fixed. [pagefault]
      * ALL: Option to allow Up+Down/Left+Right for speedruns' sake. [grinvader]
      * ALL: Misc core fixes. [pagefault]
      * SDL: Fix debug compile flags so it doesn't crash [pagefault]
      * SDL: Ok, SConstruct hopefully up to date. [Aerdan]
      * SDL: Game60hzCall ported to C, fixes OpenBSD. [pagefault]
      * WIN: Fixed saving of config files on ALT-F4 exit [Jonas Quinn]
      * GUI: Changed the Select Comparison options' hotkeys from >, <, =, N to N, E ,W, A. [ipher]
      * GUI: Added Menu hotkeys [ipher]
      * GUI: Fixed the Save Window Pos. option (Thanks Jonas Quinn!) [ipher]
      * SRC: Added error message if hard IPS patching fails. [Nach]
      * SRC: Massive source cleanup and portage (Check CVS for specifics) [grinvader, Nach, ipher, Jonas Quinn, pagefault]
      * SRC: Commited the ZSNES development toolkit. [Nach, grinvader]
      * SRC: Updated todo list. Lets maintain it. [pagefault, grinvader, Nach]